P-ESCO's mission is to make positive changes in the lives of poor Afghan inhabitant, children and women in Afghanistan. P-ESCO's principal beneficiaries are the needy and vulnerable families, women and children headed households in Afghanistan.


The organization vision is to realize Afghanistan as a country where every inhabitant is living and working to their full potential, whereas no Afghan lives under poverty line anymore.

Legal Status

The Organization is registered with Ministry of Economy of GoIRA under registration number: 2179

History of PESCO

Piwand-Emroz Social and Cultural Organization (P-ESCO) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-denominational charitable foundation registered in Kabul Ministry of Economy. Established in January 2009, by a group of like-minded humanitarians, the aim is to reduce poverty, promote human rights, and support sustainable development in Afghanistan. The NGO is based in Mazar, Afghanistan where it was officially registered as a recognized charity in 2011 by the Government of Afghanistan. The organization is designed to address both the emergency and long-term needs of the most vulnerable persons, with a focus on woman and children. We are currently operational in Northern provinces of the country.